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Custom Isolation

Chemical drugs, biological drugs, veterinary drugs, pesticides and other drug impurities in the separation of impurities to analyze and confirm the structure to improve the quality of related drugs, safety, stability, to ensure drug efficacy and reduce adverse drug reactions. The service according to customer needs, the development of professional separation and purification program, in accordance with the technical contract to complete the task of impurity separation on time, to confirm the structure of impurities, issued a detailed analysis of the report, and improve the quality of products to do late technical guidance.

Contract Research

Health, food, cosmetics, new standards and existing standards to improve research services related to the existing standards, through advanced technology to product research, improve product quality, or through the analysis of product ingredients to confirm the establishment of new products Standards, so that the product composition and other related information more clearly. According to the contract, on time to complete the relevant service requirements, and provide professional analysis report.

Target Identification

Provide customized products such as chemical drugs, health food, cosmetics, plant extracts, Chinese medicine Pieces and other related standards, according to the customer's product needs, consultation and communication, signed a contract, according to the contract on time to complete the demand for customized products, and reach customers Requirements of the quality standards, issued a professional product testing and analysis reports and product manual, for customers to bring high-quality custom and after-sales service.

Analysis Test

Pharmaceutical, health food, cosmetics and other analytical testing services, including the specified ingredients in the product, known composition analysis, unknown composition analysis and detection of content and other related analysis and testing services, according to customer needs a detailed analysis of the test report.
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